About us?

NUMA xocolat is a mexican Family owned business, our creations are the result of the ideas of the four members of the Family, which are embodied in the chocolates by the Chef Maribel Coalla.

Our creations are made with the highest quality ingredients, fused together using the ancient techniques of master chocolatiers.

For us, our country is very important that is why each piece of chocolate is handmade by artisan chocolatiers who learned the techniques in our chocolate workshop, we teach them to work with the chocolate, creating a Legacy for our country.

Thats the reason we offer unique pieces of chocolate that capture the heart of that who produces it, the richness of the cocoa beans and the freshness of the best seasonal ingredients.

Trying to create a supportive Community in our country, each package, bag, stamp, box... is designed and handmade by mexicans.

We offer contemporary chocolates with Constant innovations that, thanks to the hands that produce them, their packaging and their exceptional flavor, you can feel various sensations when you receive them and taste each Numa chocolate

At Numa we regard chocolate as much more than some luxury ingredient, or even an aphrodisiac; it is more than a delicious dessert, lavish gift or token of great appreciation: in NUMA Culture, chocolate is the finest expresión of a moment´s emotion.