Our Chef


I am María Isabel Coalla, passionate about cooking and confectionery, who always dreamed of mixing European trends with Mexican flavors.

I began my training at ESDAI and working in restaurants in Mexico where I learned to explore ingredients from their roots, to value markets and recognize the freshness of products by buying directly from their folklore.

Thanks to the experience I acquired in Monaco and to a great man like Monsieur Turquois who saw a wonderful future in me, I had the opportunity to be in the kitchen with two great chefs and I learned the French savoir vivre that I apply every day at Numa Xocolat.t.

Upon my return to Mexico I began a journey within major brands in the world of luxury and gastronomy (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy and DIAGEO) but above all immersed in the exciting world of wines, whiskys and cognacs which gave me a new experience of flavors, aromas and PAIRINGS, awakening in me passion for wines.

In this period I decide to marry another lover of gastronomy who makes me laugh every day and with whom I enjoy getting to know Mexico and the world through food ... laterI become a mother, so I decide to put my professional career on hiatus, but I keep creating new projects and I keep updating myself in Gastronomy.

August 2011 is the date on which a wonderful idea is launched, starting a 100% Mexican company that aims to CREATE EXPERIENCES through chocolate and that is how NUMA XOCOLAT was born.

In November of that same year, the brand was launched for family and friends, making aBOOM great.

 In response to the response of our friends in 2012 we had to create a workshop for the elaboration of exclusive pieces, formed by a group of gastronomy lovers to whom we were teaching the trade of CHOCOLATERO.

That same year we started a network with large companies that enjoy EXPERIENCES THROUGH CHOCOLATE.

THANKS to them and to their word of mouth recommendation, we have been bringing chocolates to our clients' homes and offices for more than nine years. This allows us to employ more Mexicans, buy more ingredients, packaging and products from the country, thus we guarantee that by savoring one of our chocolates you support many Mexicans.

In 2015 we were asked to open a store in store in El Palacio de los Palacios having such an impact that little by little more spaces are being opened for Numa Xocolat, currently you can find us in the 8 Palacio de Hierro stores in the metropolitan area.

I MARIBEL, today I am a mother, wife, lover of good living and PROUD MEXICAN BUSINESSWOMAN, and I will always give the best of myself to my family, my friends, my workers and my clients.

If you have any comments, require my support or wish to carry out a special tasting, write to me below.