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Welcome to NUMA, our exclusive chocolate boutique online.


We invite you to discover a new world of sensations and flavors that result of made of the highest quality, emerging unique pieces of chocolate made from the highest quality ingredients.





Discover our collections and variety of presentations that will make chocolate a delicious experience.




NUMA Basics

NUMA Classics, traditional flavors that blend together for contemporary chocolates.

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NUMA Experience

Enjoy these daring combinations of flavors that will create unforgettable experiences in your palate.

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NUMA Textures

A collection where the diversity of textures create a particular and pleasant surprise.

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Artisan made pieces where the combination of flavors, textures, forms and colors fuse into our famous caramandes, Toffees and Rocks..


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Try our creations and enjoy them. Choose among our collections and presentations, or simply create your own personal blend with the assurance that will be delivered for that special occasion, right at your home or office.

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In Numa we are always there to help you to make the best choice for that special occasion.
We create great memories and great flavors in your mouth.

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